Speedy delivery! – Boca Raton birth photographer

Amy Beth told me she went fast with her first daughter.

She told me she tolerates pain well.

Knowing those things, I thought it would be cool to meet at her house for a “follow along” to the hospital.

I was confident that she wouldn’t be a 24-hour sort of labor. She would wait at the house as long as possible and then we’d get the show on the road when it was time.

Well, little did we realize the show would REALLY be pretty much on the road. By the time we arrived at the hospital, baby was ready for arrival.

She wasn’t panicked. She was amazing!! And just as calm and collected was her midwife, who was miraculously waiting at the door for us when we arrived.

Dad rounded up a wheelchair and it was the first time I ever saw a mother be wheeled INTO the hospital holding her new baby. Usually that happens a couple of days later, and the wheelchair ride is the way out…

Baby Sienna is absolutely perfect and beautiful. Big sis got to come by and say hello and give her a kiss. It was the fastest, most incredible, beautiful, wild birth I’ve ever had the pleasure to document.

Boom! Here she is!

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185 thoughts on “Speedy delivery! – Boca Raton birth photographer

  1. what a gorgeous birth, so glad babies choose for themselves where (and when) to arrive earthside 🙂 i was at home for # 2, planned because my whole family births fast, and i was so grateful because he was quick … my doula and midwife were still setting up when after three pushes, he arrived …. my own mom caught me by herself in the hospital, as the staff were prepping … and as kid # 5, i wasted little time arriving. the first photo of the proud papa is priceless. and sienna nurses like a champ, this sweet family is off to a beautiful start and you captured it gorgeously. i so love your style, emily xoxo

  2. Wheelchair birth? What’s the next one, a car? Wow, great pictures and hard to believe. Congrats Joe and your familia. Jimmy

  3. Emily, thank you so very much for being there to capture the birth of my beautiful granddaughter. I can’t believe what a miracle birth it was! I can’t wait to see and meet her in a couple of weeks when I get to come to FL. Thanks for the wonderful job you did. It makes me feel like I was there.

    Linda (Amy’s very proud mom)

  4. Wow, I have tears in my eyes. Dad looking at his brand new baby girl did it for me! How incredible for this family to have these memories captured so beautifully. Well done, Emily.

  5. I’m so glad I caught this link on FB. Such stunning photos…the pictures of Dad especially took my breath away. I was a doula in a former life and those moments are so stunning. Really, really great work.

  6. What a champion-mama!! And the look on dad’s face says it all 🙂 Curious to know if he reversed his cap for a reason? Great shots and beautiful baby ,<3

  7. There are no words–spectacular is what comes to mind. That was truly beautiful!!! Congrats to all of you, the baby is gorgeous!

  8. talk about heart-felt, raw, beautiful emotion simply leaping off the screen. beyond amazing, and oh-so gorgeous. gifts abound here…

  9. awesome, and wait… does she still have her undies on? My goodness! I love the way she has the strength to hold herself up in that first wheelchair shot!

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  11. As a mom with quick births, I wish my last one could have been photographed. I was teary eyed in the car on my way home while I looked at these (the dad one especially!!) ((and no, I wasn’t driving))

    Beautiful and amazing!!

  12. This is such a great testament to the amazing value and gift of having one’s birth filmed/photographed! Years down the road, or even next year, telling this story verbally just wont be the same as sharing it both verbally AND VISUALLY. So glad they hired you Emily!!!

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  15. Wonderful pictures, and I have to say that I am totally crushing on the dad here. My God, he looks SO damn happy in every single shot! Over the moon. So sweet! Congrats to the happy family and to Emily for getting some well-deserved exposure.

  16. Awww…just so, so beautiful! Congratulations to the family (& wonderfully captured Emily!). Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

  17. That was the midwife that caught babe outside? Thank goodness!! Here the nurses and porters would be telling mom to cross her legs b/c there is no way that baby is being delivered out here!! They’d be all in an absolute panic!! What a beautiful birth and the pictures are as stunning as this family!!!

  18. Love this story and love love love the photos. I had a similar birth with my second baby. Only she was born in the car in front of the hospital by the ER doctor. She is four years old today. Congrats and thanks got sharing

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  20. What a fantastic series of shots! My favorite is the b&w family portrait because his eyes show so much love. Thank you for sharing!

  21. Wonderful photos! The picture of Dad holding her brought tears to my eyes. Such love and pride and gentleness inhis expression. Life is such a miracle!

  22. Congratulations! This is so amazing and your family looks so beautiful together!! My favorite pic is Sienna Grace smiling, (or is it gas?) as if to say, “Think that was amazing, Mom and Dad? Just wait for what I have planned for ya!” =) Amazing pictures!! Great job!

  23. Those of us who deliver quickly & easily are truly blessed. This mom is a real champ, and dad very obviously agrees! Emily, you are a very talented photographer! Best wishes to this adorable family!

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  25. How breathtaking!! What a wonderful God- HIS timing for Sienna Grace was just how HE wanted it to be. Your family, your midwife , the birth itself and the Photographer!! Thank you so very much for sharing this with the world. After the news I glanced at before I went to church, I was so happy to see your story first thing when I returned; as I was reading and scrolling through the pictures, it felt like I had been wrapped in a swaddling blanket of warm Peace. And I just realized- Sienna Grace made her entrance on my eldest child’s 40th Birthday!!

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  29. this is awesome !! God bless this family !! thanks for share this picture ,to oll world ,me from Puerto Rico ,loveit!!1

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  33. Way to go mama! I had my daughter in our minivan on the way to the hospital two months ago–never did I imagine I would welcome a baby that way! Congratulations!

  34. Congrat now you are going to enjoy all these photos, is always going to bring you back every time you look at them, the one I like is when Sienna is smiling like she’s saying “Wow the way I came to this world I’m a Star already”. God bless you all.

  35. Beautiful! I love the one where Mom is holding the baby and the baby looks like she’s smiling! And the one of Dad holding the baby melts my heart. They are all such nice photos.

  36. This was positively beautiful. You captured the essence of the whole event. Blessings on you and your eye for art.

  37. Emily you did a beautiful sequence of this amazingly FAST delivery of a wonderful baby and her fantastic mom and dad. All of you were very calm, collected and went about the ‘task at hand’ undaunted. Wonderful experience for you and for the happy family. Congratulations to all of you in bringing Sienna safety into the world…..well done.

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  39. All your photos are amazing! I do not have much knowledge on photography, however it touches my heart!
    Congrats to the family.

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  41. I love the strength in her arms as she’s pushing herself up on the wheelchair as the baby is coming out, women are just remarkable!

  42. Really gorgeous baby, family & your wonderful photos. Sienna is stunning, as is big sister. My best to the whole family. Thank you all for sharing them with us

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  46. What an incredible capture and a true testimony of the importance of a birth photographer. You just NEVER know when and where and the ability to adapt to this situation and be quick on your feet to capture this amazing event is the reason a PRO is so necessary to capture THE most important day of your child’s life. Way to go and congratulations to the family!

    • … and not just a pro when it comes to photography… the importance of a skilled midwife, calm and knowledgeable, made this ‘event’ even more beautiful…
      Kudos to everyone involved in this glorious celebration of life!!!

  47. I can’t find any words that are different than what everyone else has already said. This caught my eye on my news feed and I was just stunned by the amazing pictures. They are all so wonderful and amazing. Such love this family has for each other. So precious.

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  50. Beautiful birth and pictures. Makes me proud to have married a certified nurse midwife. She is doing wonderful work.

  51. Allow us to congratulate the family a,d the newest member from far away in Belgium… What a scary and at the same time beautiful story which really touched myself and my wife. Being parents ourselves we wish you all the best.

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  53. I know exactly how she felt, as I too experienced fast births with both of my children. I had no symptoms of labor until my water broke, then it was a fast and intense birth. I was in labor for a total of 2 1/2 hours with my Daughter and because my Dr. was scared I might drop my baby where ever I happened to be, I was induced. Still, I had no labor pains until my water broke and 45 minutes later, my Son was born. So, when someone says, the babies coming, they mean it. Congratulations on a very beautiful birth.

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  55. I’ve delivered some super fast births in my time as a midwife, so I hold these types of stories and documented deliveries close to my heart. I absolutely LOVE how private and calm the “open air” birth was! There wasn’t a crowd of onlookers, just mom, dad, midwife and baby! Congrats to them all!

  56. TONS AND TONS AND TONS of happiness stored on a few relatively small pictures ! Life is (sometimes) very beautiful ! Congratulations from Antwerp, Flanders !

  57. Wow! She didn’t even get her knickers off!!! Gorgeous photos, beautiful bubba and a strong and amazing women! LOVE!

  58. Beautiful! I too had a swift delivery of my second baby just last July, and she was born in a wheelchair in the hospital parkign garage – attended only by my mom! My husband arrived 20 minutes after her arrival. I surely wish that I had awesome images such as these to document the birth. What a wonderful gift.


  60. That first picture of Dad standing there watching the whole thing is probably my favorite birth photo I’ve ever seen. You perfectly captured his relief, joy, and pride. Amazing job capturing this fast birth!!

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  62. At least she lives in Florida. I did it in a speeding car in a blizzard with little visibility with my second, with her head out a block away from the hospital and the rest out as soon as my husband could stop the car and pull down my pants! They cut the cord in the car and whisked her in out of the storm, and I had to waddle to the stretcher with my pants around my ankles in the dead of winter.

  63. The joy on dad’s face while they are still outside brought tears to my eyes! Beautiful story and beautiful family.

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  70. AMAZING!!! Fabulous pics! Congrats to the family! I love the pics of the Dad. His expression is priceless. The pic of the family is precious!

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  75. Ce sont des photos très belles !
    Je suis française et je félicite les parents pour leur nouveau bébé !
    Sublime, félicitations Madame, votre enfant est magnifique !!!

  76. That’s… wow ! I think I never saw a more beautiful serie of photos, Mom looks amazing, dad looks so happy… Congratulations to you all, them for having such a beautiful baby girl and you for catching these moments.

  77. What a beautiful sequence of photos of a happy ending story… “Celebrating life when many destroy lives” God Bless you all and congratulations!!!

  78. Absolutely incredible, the way that you captured the moments before and of the birth!
    Amy is so powerful, and you truly captured her strength!

  79. These photos are too amazing for words!! Such a special moment captured so beautifully. You are a truly talented photographer.
    And the mum and dad – wow they were just made to be parents!!

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  85. Sitting here waiting for my best mate to tell me he and his wife are heading to the hospital to deliver their 3rd and looking through these pics. I’m a father of 5 myself & I was present at all the births of my children and I’ve got tears running down my face. Not only is the story so incredible but your photography is amazing.

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